Self storage is a system where people rent containers and storage units so that they can keep their possessions locked and safe.

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People normally use our self storage if they have too much furniture or belongings and they cannot store everything they own at home. Another reason people use self storage is if they are moving and they need to store their things for a short time between moving.


man storing items in self storage unit in Sydney


Also, many times people leave the country (for example the military), and they need a place to store their things. People who use self storage are often called ‘tenants.’ Although they do not live in their storage units, they do rent them so they can store their things.

There are many types of self storage facilities. Storage facilities rent different sized spaces depending on the needs of their tenants. You can even purchase room in a cold storage facility if you want to store freezers or refrigerators or anything that needs to be cold.

Some storage facilities are climate controlled and you can dictate what you want the temperature to be. Sometimes people have certain antiques or valuable paintings, or other valuables that need to be kept at a certain temperature.

Sometimes people store electronic equipment in storage facilities that needs to be kept at cooler temperatures than other items. Basically, whatever your storage needs are, chances are finding them wouldn’t be that difficult.

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The growth of the ‘storage’ industry in the United States is staggering. The statistics show that one in ten families are currently renting a storage unit for one reason or another. In fact, some sources say that there are over 55,000 current storage facilities are in the United States and the industry is growing constantly. The ‘storage facility’ industry is seemingly recession proof and it’s becoming a necessity for people- like insurance, cars, and housing.